Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some guys

I always envied the women who picked better husbands than I had. Smart women. The kind of guys who took pride in having a wife and kids. Probably waiting to get married when one turns thirty is always a good idea.sure, some couples marry young and make it work, but relatively few do.

I had a fiance at 18 and 19 and he was a flaming alcoholic, a relatively worthless human being and I absolutely refused to marry him,child on the way or not. He never paid child support, and what sort of human being refuses to pay child support for their own kid? I was dumb enough to have two kids with this piece of shit and some of it was my own fault for thinking I was in love with that creep. He was a complete asshole in every way. Responsibility wasn't his bag, he was babied by his parents who should have kicked him in the ass a long time before meeting me. He forged no relationship with his kids, then later on, married some other dumb woman and had two more kids. I'm all for some guys being castrated, early on. Worthless lots, all ofthem!

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