Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Man Hater's Club

There was a time I could definitely say I was the President of the Man Hater's Club. I am sharing this because women, young women,young single women need to take heed and beware of the men in this world that I cannot deem as anything but worthless, no matter how you slice it.

Never concede your power to any man!

Some men should certainly be castrated and some men probably should have been aborted before they were ever unleashed onto an unsuspecting world. But the last thing some men should have ever been is fathers. Some men simply destroy and poison the lives of everyone they touch. Simple as that.

The first totally worthless man I became involved with was when I was just a teenager. I had lived a pretty sheltered life and what in hell does a teenage girl know? I see teenage girls even in our modern day, taking up with,being infatuated with,and swooning over some of the most worthless guys I could ever imagine. Except, I know where those relationships will end up, as they always end up. With guys like that, they cannot help but end badly. Of course those hollow men will simply walk away but not until they have done everything in their power to destroy a woman's life. If you are a young woman, involved with a guy and are conceding to them, giving up your power, run,as fast as your feet will carry you, in the opposite direction. Those losers will land on their feet and of course they will cry baby tears, try to make you feel sorry for them, because that's how they operate. But honestly, you want to have a relationship that consists of feeling sorry for some jerk? Not if you are smart.

I will be adding to this blog site more about the worthless guys who are not worth the dirt on your shoes. Stay tuned.

If you are a woman who, like me, learned the hard way, by all means, comment.

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