Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are virtual friends really friends?

I see all the time, people writing on social networks and also writing sites,about how so and so virtual writer is their friend. So if you never met these friends in person, how can they be your friend? Writing is like playing in a virtual world, a written version of My Life, but without the walking around avatars, you get a picture of a still life version.

I personally think writing sites and social sites are just glorified chat rooms of old. Maybe more like over rated than glorified is more to the point. I've met some of those virtual people and many times I was disappointed. Many women can tell a lot of tales concerning the virtual men they have met, I bet.

So to me, a real buddy, or friend, is flesh and blood,not that flesh and blood people don't type, but they type a whole different personality than they really might be.

Remember when you got drunk with a virtual friend? Neither do I. Frankly, those who drink and type are probably very depressed anyway. Nothing sadder than a person who drinks alone, with nothing more to keep them company than a keyboard buddy!

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