Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another day, another rule in the nursing home

Today there is a resident sitting in the front lobby, he is having a good time, looking out the big glass front doors and enjoying watching people come and go in the nursing home today. I say hello to him and smile, I enjoy seeing a resident enjoying himself and things are going fine until..................................yes, I get a call to go to the Administrator's office...............Again!

So what in hell is the problem this time...............I wonder to myself...............I soon find out. It seems the resident who is sitting in his wheel chair by the front doors is bugging the Administrator. She tells me 'he has his electric chair plugged in there and we can't be having that.' My first thought is.............many people living in this hell hole, would prefer the 'electric chair' to the damned rules imposed on them here. So I listen, getting more pissed off by the minute over what seems to me, to be a harmless activity for this poor old gentleman. Where's the harm? The only harm is that it makes the Administrator mad. She instructs me that I 'need to tell him he cannot sit there and that he can charge his chair in his room.' I just look at her and leave her office.

I come out of her office, smile at the guy who is charging his wheel chair, and say hi to him...............I walk right on past him. If she wants tell him anything, she can haul her fat ass out of her Administrator office and tell him herself. The wench!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Why do people go out of their way to make others unhappy? Looking out the front window is probably the most excitement that man will see all day. When my Mom was in rehab and she knew I was coming, I would always find her waiting for me at the front window watching for my car. Along with others who wished someone would be coming to take them away from there. Anywhere...

  2. Well this particular Administrator seemed to think she owned the nursing home. I saw no harm in him sitting there either, that's why I ignored her and let him be. Thanks for stopping by and reading this.