Monday, April 4, 2011

A habit to be broken

I come to work today at St. Barley's nursing home and I barely get my coat off when the Administrator calls me to her office. I am told by her and the DON that a consultant will be gracing us with her presence today because the topic is going to be the behaviors displayed by too many residents. One resident in particular seems to be vexing the Administrator. The resident who is up all night, annoying the night staff and then sleeping all day.

I'm wondering what in hell is wrong with doing that? Are we here for the residents or are they here for us? I know the answer to that one, the residents are supposed to stop acting like individuals and supply this medical team with a paycheck and keep their mouths shut. Not all nursing assistants are bitches and dicks, nor all nurses, but the ones who work night shift seem to be. Why? Well during the day they would be expected to do their jobs. At night, no one else is here so they think it's cake walk time, sitting on their proverbial asses collecting an easy paycheck. Bunch of assholes, the majority of them.

The night owl lady is used to being up all night in her own apartment and sleeping all day. Where the eff does she have to go anyway? She loves the nighttime late night TV shows, but hell, St. Barley's have spoken so now she is expected to tow the mark and on top of it all, pay us to do so. Bunch of Bitches comes to my mind, with the Administrator being the head bitch.

Little wonder I chose the title I did, for my book.

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