Monday, March 21, 2011

WTF giving mortgages to 95 years olds

In my office there sits an elderly lady, she is well dressed, fancy jewelry and little white dog on her lap, the dog has a coat as fancy as the lady does. The dog is primped,little bow in its hair. The elderly lady has come to my office to inquire about applying for Medicaid for her husband who is a resident in our nursing home.

This lady looks like she needs Medicaid like a fish needs a rowboat, but here she is anyway inquiring. Her husband has come to our facility for rehab but now the therapy department is saying he must stay because he needs much more care than his frail wife can give him at home.

She is telling me they only get $2500 a month in pensions and she just cannot afford the $250 a day it will cost for her husband to stay with us. She tells me they have a $1400 a month mortgage payment for a house they bought two years ago.

This is how crazy the lenders were when the housing bubble was forming, hell no wonder it burst. Why in hell would a bank lend a mortgage to a couple who were 95 two years ago? Why in hell would 95 year old people take on such a huge mortgage? Did the banks think they would live forever, did the 97 year old couple thin they'd live forever? I hand her the papers, doubting in my mind that Medicaid will approve of the application since they won't consider $1400 a month mortgage within reason for allowing for food, clothing and shelter. I feel for the poor lady, I really do, but hell, what in hell were the banks thinking, unless, of course the bank has a life insurance policy on them or the bank gets to resell the house after the couple either both end up in a nursing home or they die.

Those blood sucking mortgage bastards! I really hate greedy people to no end and even more so when they take advantage of the elderly. I wish the lady luck, she's going to need it to get that application pushed through.


  1. It is amazing isn't it, the greed and profit motives of the companies that have now gone under and sailed away on their yachts. My BFF in FL lost her job in the sub-prime lending field to one of those companies. My Mom worked until she was 80 so she could pay off her mobile home mortgage and live debt free.

  2. It surely is amazing to me how the American consumer was taken advantage of by the lenders in America. As soon a deregulation set in so did the sharks. I'm glad you stopped by.