Monday, June 28, 2010

My Book Is on Amazon

So you think the word 'home' in nursing home is true do you? Well for most places, I'm afraid not. Nursing homes have plenty of rules; just piss off staff, especially on the evening and night shift and see how fast they are enforced. Evening and night shift staff work these hours for a reason; they think they won't have to do much.1) You hear at the care plan meeting you can have snacks and/or tea or coffee anytime. Translation of 'ok, sure' is usually 'we will see if there is any instant decaf in the nurse's kitchenette or tea bags, but don't hold your breath. You thought it took a long time to help you with the bathroom, just wait and see how long it takes for a snack or beverage. Staff will always sound nice at care plan meetings telling you: 'sure, you can have those in the evening, just have to ask.' Of course, in your own home you were able to have a kitchen to use whenever you liked.2) You are not tired yet? It's 8:00PM and you should be in bed, according to staff. They will likely just have to make out a behavior sheet for the Social Service Department because you won't go to bed on time. Oh, you're not 10 years old and really have no place urgent to go in the morning? Staff doesn't care. But, remember we will get you up at 5:30AM strictly for our (staff) convenience. Didn't know getting old was going to be like a job, did you?

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